Museum for Natural History and Ethnology

A journey through time, based on teaching materials and exhibitions

The Museum for Natural History and Ethnology in Oudenbosch houses collections in the following fields: Geology, Archeology, Living Nature, Environment and Ethnology. There are exhibitions about birds, humans and the environment, as well as objects that are mainly from Indonesia, China and Congo that were collected by the friars. You’ll also learn more about the origin of rocks and the geological history of the Netherlands.

What makes this museum special is that around 1840, the friars of St. Louis donated the modest ethnological collection to the museum. Before that, the items were used as teaching materials in the St. Louis Boy’s Home and were meant to teach pupils more about the world and to make lessons more lively. And now they offer students insights in the world again, especially about how they were used at the time.

Educational and fun, for young and old

A fun and educational quest makes the museum also interesting for children. On designated afternoons even more activities for children are organised, such as stamping clothes, making next boxes, polishing rocks, etc. Throughout the year, the museum’s educational service organises various activities for everyone who’s interested, such as (field) excursions, lectures, etc. The museum shop has i.g. minerals, rocks, objects from the tropics and photo cards for sale. The museum also offers educational materials to teachers in primary schools (in collaboration with the Network of Environmental Coordinators for Primary Schools).




Markt 30a

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    • Opening Hours
    • Monday: closed
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      Wednesday: 13.30 - 16.30 o'clock
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      Saturday: 13.30 - 16.30 o'clock
      Sunday: 13.30 - 16.30 o'clock
    • Entrance Fee
    • Adults € 4.50
      Children € 2.50
Museum for Natural History and Ethnology Markt 30a


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