Passenger harbour Stampersgat

The Stampersgat harbour is located on the river Mark. It’s a small harbour without facilities for a long stay, but it’s perfect for a short stay, shopping trip or a cycling or walking tour through Halderberge. For longer stays, the marinas of Oudenbosch and Hoeven are a great alternative.

Quiet harbour

The harbour of Stampersgat is perfect for a break during a long day of sailing. There are water picnic tables in the harbour, making it a nice place to enjoy lunch. If you’ve brought your bike, you can make beautiful cycling trips from Stampersgat to Dinteloord, Oud Gastel or Oudenbosch.

A longer stay in the harbour is possible, but be aware of the lack of facilities. If you’re looking to stock up, it’s best to sail to the Oudenbosch marina .

An overview of all marinas, harbours and waterways in the region can be found on the website of Boating in Brabant.

Other places to stay in the area
Nazomeren in Halderberge?

Geniet op een mooie nazomerdag van de Halderbergse natuur of kom cultuur snuiven, want dat is ieder seizoen heerlijk!