Aviation Museum Seppe

Fly through the history of aviation! This museum is all about aviation, and what’s even more unique: almost the entire collection of aircrafts is still airworthy and can be seen taking flight very regularly. Modern motorised aviation is still young, and its entire history can be seen in Aviation Museum Seppe, from the very beginning to the present.

Unique collection airplanes

What makes this museum truly unique is the fact that the entire collection belongs to private individuals, and even more remarkable: You’re allowed to come within a few centimetres of the planes. The enthusiastic volunteers of the museum will explain aviation and its impact to you with passion. This makes the museum a very accessible and hospitable place that deserves its spot in the top 10 attractions in Halderberge. restaurant the Cockpit  or Restaurant Bargo of a fantastic view of the runway. It doesn't stop at just looking though, find out all about it here flying in Halderberge.

Guided tours

When you visit the museum a guide will tell you all about the history of aviation and the airplanes that are on site. With a bit of luck, one of the oldtimers will leave the hangar for a flight !

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