Autumn in Halderberge - 5 tips for autumn

Tips to do in Halderberge this autumn

The days are rapidly getting shorter, summer has been over for a while and the warm jumpers can go back in the closet. Autumn arrives and brings regular rain. Yet there is more than enough to do in autumn, both indoors and outdoors. We list some tips for you to do this autumn in Halderberge.

1. Escaperooms

They can no longer be ignored as a fun outing. The escaperoom. Halderberge has 3 that you really must have done!

2. Getting some fresh air

Nothing is better than getting a breath of fresh air in nature in autumn. 50 shades of brown and yellow in the forests, falling leaves. What more could you want?

3. Discover special stories

Bijzondere verhalen vind je in de musea. Op 29 oktober kan je zelfs ’s avonds laat naar het Natuurhistorisch- en Volkenkundig Museum voor  "Night at the Museum"!

4. Enjoying beautiful music

The concert season has started again! Halderberge regularly hosts concerts in autumn and winter. We have listed some of them!


5. Halderberge from the water

Bekijk ’t eens van de andere kant! Vaar mee met de Merijntje Gijzen vanuit Oudenbosch voor een dagtocht. Onderweg ontdek je méér over de historie van de regio. Regelmatig worden er nieuwe afvaarten bekendgemaakt.

2. A dip into history

In both good and bad weather, a visit to Oudenbosch is a good idea. In the Basilica, you can walk around on your own, with an audio tour or guide. Want to know more about Oudenbosch? Then combine your visit to the Basilica with a city walk!