The taste of sand and clay

sailing west brabant

You can taste the best of Brabant in Halderberge Right across Halderberge runs the border between sand and clay. You will find one, the other and mixes of both. There is good farming everywhere. Of all the fruit and vegetables that grow in the Netherlands, you pick the best in Halderberge. You taste the earth When you [...]

Aviation adventure

Eye to eye with classic planes at the Flying Museum It is often those small museums where a family can have the best time, and the Flying Museum Seppe is one of them. The collection is well-organised and varied, matching children's excitement levels (and their parents' energy). Impressive crates It is of course [...]

The heart of West-Brabant


From Bovendonk, the region flourished In a monastery, things are not always what they seem at first sight. This is no different in Bovendonk. To begin with, the building. If you cast a glance, you swear it is symmetrical. Only when you look closely do you see the truth. Textbook example of Cuypers Bovendonk [...]

What’s that Roman church doing here?

In Oudenbosch, an unlikely dream came true There is a medieval church in almost every village in Brabant. Square tower, pointed roof, cross on top. Not in Oudenbosch. There is something else. St Peter's Basilica from Rome. Only a bit smaller. How on earth did that building rise here? Not the normal course of events It once stood there, that medieval [...]

The boss of Brabant

How a poor boy conquers the sugar industry It is immediately striking: that look in the eyes. Thoughtful, decisive, confident. Going purely by his look, you see a man who has left his mark. And that's right. This is Jan Frederik Vlekke. The Steve Jobs of sugar beet. This is the sugar mecca At the [...]