Autumn in Halderberge - 5 tips for autumn

Tips to do this autumn in Halderberge The days are getting shorter fast, summer is well and truly over and the warm jumpers can go back in the closet. Autumn arrives and brings regular rain. Still, there is more than enough to do in autumn, both [...]

Small but nice: the 5 special museums in West Brabant, Halderberge

Museums west-brabant

Are you looking for a fun day out. We tip you off to five special museums in West Brabant. They are small but nice and each has its own theme. Learn more about aviation at Vliegend Museum Seppe, or relive the 1990s at Mastboomhuis. Imagine yourself in the universe at Observatory Tivoli, discover the [...]

7 Summer Tips in Halderberge for your day out

7 summer tips in Halderberge - day out

We go on holiday in our own country a lot now and that is actually quite nice. Be amazed at how much beauty has been so close by all this time. Whether you are looking for tips for a day trip or for your week at the campsite nearby. We have already selected 7 [...].

Up the paths, down the lanes! The most beautiful nature spots in Halderberge

When you think of Halderberge, you think of heritage, museums and churches. But did you know that in Halderberge you can also get a breath of fresh air? Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, leave things in peace and just get out and about. Enjoy a walk in the woods or prefer cycling or sailing? In Halderberge, you can experience [...]

Howard jumped out of his plane and had to disguise himself as a farmer

HOEVEN - Where the players of football club Hoeven now complete their weekly training, a Dakota C-47 Stoy Hora crashed on Sunday 17 September 1944. The crew including pilots Howard Cannon and Frank Krebs had already left the plane by parachute. The local resistance took care of three crew members of whom [...]

A tragic incident in the early morning of 10 May 1940

A tragic incident in the early morning of 10 May 1940. In the cemetery of the brothers of Saint Louis in Oudenbosch, there are four graves next to each other: three with a death date of 10 May 1940 and one with 16 July of that year. Apparently war dead. How did these graves get there? For that, we have to go back to [...]

Discover Halderberge from the couch!

With the May holidays just around the corner, April is the perfect month to get out and about. That this is not possible right now is very unfortunate, but necessary. Fortunately, this way you can still enjoy the most beautiful places in the Netherlands from your own garden chair or lounge set! In Halderberge, several museums and other [...]

Day trip in the Netherlands: visit Halderberge!


A day out in the Netherlands? Discover surprising Halderberge Anyone looking for a day out in their own country quickly thinks of Amsterdam or one of the other big cities. Nice, but not really surprising. Among the masses of tourists, the experience is not nice. Spared the crowds but still enjoy a fun day? Visit Halderberge. Halderberge is [...]

10 reasons to visit Brabant this spring

Just a little longer and the outdoors will start to draw in again. If you're heading out for a day trip soon, consider Halderberge. If Halderberge means nothing to you, that's not surprising. Perhaps Oudenbosch (with its Basilica) Hoeven (with its Bosbad), Bosschenhoofd (Breda Airport), Stampersgat (Suikerfabriek!) and Oud Gastel ( Verwer & [...]

Everything should stay as it was

Meet the stingiest man of the 20th century In 1976, Henri Mastboom buys a new Opel Kadett. He leaves the protective film over the upholstery for 20 years. A stain is writing off. Then he would rather tour on creaky plastic. Twenty years after Henri's death, the blue Opel is still in his barn on the dorpsstraat [...].