Repatriation Oudenbosch Route

Repatriation route Oudenbosch

Relive the liberation of the Netherlands with the Repatriation Route Oudenbosch.
In 1945, the Netherlands was officially liberated from the German occupiers. A relief for the Dutch in their own country, but for many others a long journey back from labour camps and concentration camps began. Oudenbosch was one of the National Reception Centres to which some of the 300,000 Dutch people were taken.

Oudenbosch, one of the National Reception Centres

After months or sometimes years of uncertainty, Oudenbosch was the first place in the Netherlands where they returned "home". The short stay in Oudenbosch, before you could go back home screened and well, is something you experience during the Repatriation Route Oudenbosch. The walk starts at the Botanical Garden Arboretum and takes you past the special places and photos along the route led by one of the St. Louis Guides. With sound clips, art and archive footage, a clear picture emerges of what it was like to arrive in Oudenbosch, be screened and checked and then allowed to go home.

Experience the repatriation route Oudenbosch

During the Open Monuments weekend of 12 and 13 September, you can join the walk for the first time. Even after this date, the walk will be walked regularly óor on request for groups with a guide. The repatriation walk is guided and takes about one hour.


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