Discover a day out in Brabant

Are you ready for a wonderful day out in Brabant? At Visit Halderberge, you'll find the best activities for young and old! With cosy cafés, beautiful culture, adventurous activities and much more, there is plenty to experience in Halderberge. We would like to give you some inspiration to fill out your visit to Halderberge. [...]

Autumn in Halderberge - 5 tips for autumn

Tips to do this autumn in Halderberge The days are getting shorter fast, summer is well and truly over and the warm jumpers can go back in the closet. Autumn arrives and brings regular rain. Still, there is more than enough to do in autumn, both [...]

7 summer tips - Halderberge - West Brabant

The summer holidays are coming to an end and although the temperatures were not always summery, we hope for a beautiful Indian summer! Time for tips for young and old, from active to relaxing: even in late summer, Halderberge is a great place to be. #hiermoetjezijninbrabant 1. De Plukkerij | For a summer forest Bosschenhoofd Who [...]

Escape game on the farm | Rommens Cows

What can you expect from the Milk Mystery? The Milk Mystery is similar to a normal Escape Room. However, with us you will not be locked in a small room... No, you will have the entire farm as your playing field. Within 60 minutes, you and your teammates must solve the mystery. The adventure starts with a friendly welcome [...]

Welcome back to Halderberge

Welcome back to Halderberge We've missed you the past few months! Are you looking for fun coronaproof activities? A weekend getaway? We'd love to help you get out and about in Halderberge and the rest of West Brabant. There's more than enough to do for families, youngsters and the elderly alike! Can you [...]

20 tips for a coronaproof outing in West Brabant

Now that the world is open again, we tip you 20 coronaproof activities in West Brabant. That way, we hope you can still have a good time out now, as well as in spring and summer. #hiermoetjezijninbrabant 1. Hopping on the chopper Touring like on a solex, but on a mega cool thing. In no time, you'll be exploring the [...]

Restaurants Oudenbosch

Restaurants in Oudenbosch: historisch tafelen In Oudenbosch kan heb je ruim keuze uit restaurants en horecagelegenheden. Midden tussen de Basiliek van Oudenbosch en Saint Louis ligt het gezellige Jezuïetenplein met gezellige cafés en restaurants maar ook verderop in de Fenkelstraat kan je volop genieten op de terrassen. Bekijk Bekijk Bekijk Bekijk Bekijk Bekijk Vind andere […]


Aan het stuur van je eigen avontuur Voor grote en kleine avonturiers is Halderberge een plek waar je geweest moet zijn. Boek een proefles vliegen vanaf Breda International Airport of waag een parachutesprong bij ENPC. De allerkleinsten mogen zo’n vliegenier betreden in het Vliegend Museum Seppe en vermaken zich bij goed weer prima in het […]

Escaperoom The Vault Oudenbosch

locker robbery oudenbosch

Oudenbosch safe deposit box robbery, the biggest safe deposit box robbery in history. Who hasn't heard about it? The big safe-deposit box robbery in Oudenbosch! At the moment, the job is not done yet. While the investigation into the committed robbery is still in full swing and the investigators are doing their utmost to find the perpetrators, you will get the [...]


Hey nature lover, come to hike, cycle and sail? The peaceful Halderberge region is a great place to be. Finding the peace and quiet and really getting away from it all is not difficult. Hire a bicycle, put on your walking shoes and get out and about. In Halderberge, you will find forests, polders and moors, where it is lovely in every season [...].